Blank Page Poem by Leila Kay

Blank Page

Rating: 5.0

You took from me a blank page
You composed on it a song of true love
You filled it with beautiful rose scented words
You taught me life was for the taking
I held open my arms
You loved me

You trampled my blank page
You wiped your feet on my love song
You tore my love laden page to shreds
You set it on fire with words of contempt
You burnt it to ashes
You hurt me

Scatter my ashes to the wind
Set me free

Hazem Al Jaber 14 May 2007

so beautiful write. baravo done.. full of sadness.. i think who loved never hurt.. you should read his thoughts again to be sure from, what he did for you.. so nice again what you did.. yours hazem

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 29 April 2007

The joy and the pain, written so beautifully Leila...10

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... Sheila 16 April 2007

Oh, this is so full of hope and then so full of pain. You took me so suddenly from one extreme to the other that I almost gasped. I wasn't expecting it to take that turn. You had me hooked! Another great poem! I love your works. Sheila

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Hazem Al Jaber 02 April 2007

so sad but beautiful.. be sure taht you will find that one who will give you always.. you will be the lover and the wriper for your tears.. and will take all off your sadness.. don`t give up.. you are a good person and sure you are a good lover, and you will find the one whom you deserve.. hazem

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Brian Dorn 29 March 2007

This 'blank page' is a great read... very well done, Leila! ! Brian

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