An Eternity Poem by Leila Kay

An Eternity

Rating: 5.0

An Eternity defined

An eternity defined by love
For time to know
To love
To strengthen
To gain love lost
To lose pain gained

An eternity defined by loss
Asks for return
Asks to turn back the hands of time
The for the point of no return
The end

An eternity defined by pain
Asks for freedom
To cry
A release of spirit
A life of solitude

An eternity defined by time
Asks for the past
The present
The future
The begining

An eternity defined by me
Now and forever
You and I

... Sheila 15 April 2007

This was brilliantly created and beautifully written with none of the typical poetic fluff. Straight forward and right to the point. You're a very talented poet. Blessings. Sheila

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Ben Gieske 29 November 2008

I think this an amazing work. It suggests a lot of wisdom on your part and understanding of what life really means. Well done.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 28 August 2008

execellent ending! fine composition.......thanks

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Malini Kadir 19 July 2007

to love to loose to wish for it for eternity! take care!

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 29 April 2007

To love and to lose, thats life for you... andy x

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Roy Storey 27 April 2007

A lovly poem match my mood of late, Take care Roy.

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