Blessings Of Emptiness Poem by S.D. TIWARI

Blessings Of Emptiness

Blessings of the vast sky
There birds can freely fly
Sky’s clear and transparent
Lets to have view of planets

Clouds can easily wander
To rain and spread water
Rays of sun and moon
Reach earth to give boon

Provides a free passage
To carry out swift air voyage
In openness easily exerted
Air and gas that we polluted

Emptiness gives freedom
Of space you like can occupy
Vastness gives freedom
Of way you want can fly

In nights when up our eyes
Have heavenly look in the sky
An orchard of illuminating flowers
Can too see rainbow colours

Unlimited room for dream racing
Vast and empty sky is a blessing
And a life vast and transparent
Is definitely the life of a saint

(C) S.D. Tiwari

Unwritten Soul 01 October 2011

Beautiful and wide as ocean...and the sky will always around to inspire and to give's time to sky receive the compliments..Thanks to this write..Sad, bad, Good, Happy all exist as various form of blessings...Emptiness just like what you have said is a blessing, empty give space to load something, full mean great but sometimes we forget to learn new things as we think everything is full and complete...I like this write and i am feel happy when you said this poetry was inspired by my comment, because it's too beautiful write you have made here, thanks for sharing and inviting..Keep writing_Unwritten Soul

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Vipins Puthooran 30 September 2011

Amazing.... Great imageries...wonderful diction (And a life vast and transparent Is definitely the life of a saint) ... Very thought provoking line...

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