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Blind Infidelity

Multiples of betrayals are never shy of an egotistic frame.
Denials of one’s ‘true intent’ dressed~ as not to shame.
Wonderings betwixt said ‘bird-in-hand’ or one in a bush.
Men rally for the chance to chase~, covering well their tush.

Disloyalty breeds betrayed acts, a shield against reoccurrence.
Dare we make comparisons, avoiding commitment’s compliance?
Who can find a faithful heart, amidst society’s glamorised sin?
I’d give my ALL for a heart of gold~, who’d cherish me within.

When love becomes laboured many oft’ relish an act of infidelity.
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Christine Chiasson 11 June 2006

Hola and Holy! Um... You have quite a gift, dear. This is a beautiful, truthful poem. Thank you for replying to mine. :) But um, yeah, This is really good! ! ! It makes one ponder again on many of the truths that we so often leave behind. but yeah, things flow very well, all in the beginning. The last part is true too.. and so sad and convicting. but we need conviction, in order to bring justice: Multiples of betrayals are never shy of an egotistic frame. Denials of one’s ‘true intent’ dressed~......... I pray that you may 'keep on searching for a hear of Gold'.... I know there is one at least, ... but in humans, its harder to find sometimes. One thing is this though: Its not where we've been, but where we are going, and where we are. Where we are going is intrinsically tied in with where we are... And a person may have made mistakes, but alas, it is what they intend to do and learn from those that make all the difference in the world take care real girl may you be overwhelmed with beauty and many pure hearted people... and if not, let us listen to our old friend Ghandi: BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE! ! ! too often, we idly make excuses for our own mishaps shifting the focus off of us keep writing, girl you are awesome at it Christine

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