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Blind Justice And The Godfather - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

The United States
Supreme Court
lacks creditable
unity of purpose.

Guantanamo Bay
is a geographical
miscarriage of justice.

Guantanamo Bay
sanctioned sanitized
political spin styled military;
‘is a detainment facility
of the United States
located in (Castro) Cuba.’

The Boy Scouts
honour badges
ran summer camps
detainment areas
three Gitmo resorts

Camp Delta/ Echo
Camp Iguana but
Camp X-Ray was;
closed due to naughty
torture techniques

that’s human rights
ok boys and girls?

The Justice Department?
Said its ok because
Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp
is our sneaky hidy-hole
outside U.S. legal jurisdiction!

Fuhrer Reich
Chancellor Bush
declared detainees;
were not allowed
not allowed

any protections
under humane
Geneva Conventions!

January 11,2002
the first twenty
prisoners arrived
ghost prisoners
held in hall of shame.

June 29,2006
the U.S. Supreme Court
ruled in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld;
prisoners are entitled
to minimal protections

listed under
Common Article 3
Geneva Conventions.

July 7,2006
Department of Defense
internal memo prisoners
in the future;
are entitled to protection
under Common Article 3.

detainees held
are classified
enemy combatants
by the United States!

January 22,2009
President Barack Obama
suspends proceedings of

military commission
for 120 days
detention facility
to be shut down
within the year.

But oh dear
to date
its still there!

May 20,2009
United States Senate
block funds;
needed to transfer
release prisoners

held at
Guantanamo Bay
detention camp.

215 prisoners
at Guantanamo Bay
detention camp.

December 15,2009
President Barack Obama
Presidential Memorandum;
orders preparation of
Thomson Correctional Center

in Thomson Illinois
to prepare for transferred
Guantanamo prisoners.

The first ammendment
protects the rights
of citizens individuals;
but not at the expense
of national security.

There is no greater
singular unity
of purpose;
than protecting
homeland security.

Three gangsters
international bully boys
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld;
create an illegal US prison
unique overwhelming
in untried innocence.

The Definitive List
The Guantánamo Files
history has proven to date;
‘at least 93 percent
of the 779 men and boys

imprisoned in total’
were completely
innocent people!

Or Taliban foot soldiers
fighting an internal
inter-Muslim civil war;
with no connection to
Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda
or international terrorism!

A war that started long
before the terrorist attacks
of September 11,2001.

Prisoners seized
as a result of
dubious intelligence;
or sold for
bounty payments!

The Motown
sang with
greater integrity
unity of purpose.

198 Guantanamo Bay
prisoners remained?

What future for the untried?
January 25,2010
Guantanamo Detainee
Review Task Force
is recommending...

nearly 50 detainees
be held indefinitely
without charge!

Washington Post claims
task force determined
Gitmo prisoners;
facing indefinite detention
are too dangerous

catch twenty-two
too dangerous
to be released;
not enough evidence
for a criminal trial.

Wow nine years on
the panel recommends
35 prisoners be brought;
to the U.S. to face military
or civilian fair trials!

Attorney General Eric Holder
‘decided five will be tried in
New York federal court;
for their alleged roles in
the 2001 terror attacks’!

Six to be tried by military commissions
Thomson Correctional Center
will likely house terrorism-era detainees!

Their crimes?
Allegedly spent time
at al Qaeda training;
camps in Afghanistan
prior to the 9/11 attacks!

Luckily being a marine
or a navy seal is not a crime
but linked to Taliban is!

Held without due process is legal?
In the Land of the Free
where imprisonment is double;
the next country at number two.
America has gotta be number one!

And our winners in our
State Lottery are Task Force (zap zap)
divided into three groups

‘35 who should be prosecuted (fair trial?)
in federal or military courts’ (yea 9 years ago)
‘110 who can be released, (pardon the yawn)
either immediately or eventually’ (no hurry)
‘50 who must be detained without trial’

Apparently Gitmo detainees
‘perhaps others suspected
terrorists and war fighters
taken into U.S. custody
will now have a difficult

time challenging
their detention.’
No shit! Really?

‘Guantanamo Bay detainees
officially have limited rights in court
and presidential war powers to detain;
suspected terrorists trump the
international law of war.’

‘Officials said the detainees
cleared for release
will be repatriated or transferred to;
other countries for
possible release? ’

Is this the way we fight the war,
fight the war fight the war,
fight the war, on terrorism?

When you declare war
on words apparently it is
however it is not the way;
to win hearts and minds
to a just honourable cause!

Could it be said
the world’s policeman
has over stepped;
the boundary
of his jurisdiction?

That a few statutes
of liberty
have been transgressed?

Empire America
no longer fears
divine retribution;
God was outlawed
in public places!

Oh modern Babaylon
the Great, once so admired,
the eagle is falling;
the writing is on the wall
or on Wall Street?

Repent of your Hubris Oh America
‘M’ne! M’ne! T’kel ufarsin P’res’

This writing is not yet written on your wall!

Sources Quoted
Guantanamo Bay detention camp from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Nearly 50 Guantanamo Bay Detainees to be Held, not Tried by Kamika Dunlap.
Daniel 5: 25.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Comments about Blind Justice And The Godfather by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

  • (4/24/2010 2:06:00 PM)

    Did you not notice the quotation marks Michael, used where exact quotes are used. I actually read many articles and have followed 9/11 since the day I woke up to watch it appalled on television. I was shocked and saddened. However I did not celebrate when Afghanistan was later singled out and bombed. I felt again for the innocent victims. By the way 90 of the prisoners still held are from Yemen, and Saudi involvement seems to have been ignored. Why? Please list all the inaccurate details! The truth can be ugly.
    I do not hate the west, I have great hopes and fears for it, I am a part of it. The dribble obviously originates in my head. If you believe this is how you should treat people, guilty until proven innocent, that is actually the French system of law. I however beg to disagree. People like John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, saw what they believed to be wrong and tried to right it. However feel free to shot me in words or bullets, but might does not prove who is right. Only who is stronger. And the strong have a responsibility to safeguard the weak if possible I believe. Jesus taught so.
    'God bless those who fear to speak, for the fallen and he weak, God bless those who fear to be, in he right with two or three.'
    However I am saddened you believe people should be imprisoned without trial for years and that this is acceptable behaviour Michael. It is not the ideal that my relatives had when fighting the Germans, Japanese and hopefully a cousin had in Afghanistan.
    The drivel was written for a response, this is the response I expected from some and I do value your opinion. That is your constitutional right.
    I have never written on this theme before, however I believe, this policy has done more harm than good and to my shame I have never addressed it before. However I did brave the whiplash here and my father was spat at in the face visiting. But then that was a year after the Bali bombings and with so few Americans around my neighborhood then and now, these cowards had to settle for hating us. I had a friend at the nightclub that was bombed the night before the attack, and a former employee from the cement company in my home town was killed in the second hotel bombing at the Marriot Hotel here last year. Tim was loved by many innocent Indonesians he worked with in Jakarta and those that must kill like this I pity. A beautiful hotel I had also eaten at with friends between the two long separated bombings. However I do not believe defenceless prisoners should be humiliated or treated like animals. This is not hubris, this is called taking the high moral ground. Justice and the Laws of engagement as defined by the Geneva Convention is the viewpoint of some of the world Michael. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The line between killing in combat and murder or torture is clear. Your views are those that breed the worst hate in my dribble opinion.
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  • (4/24/2010 11:41:00 AM)

    Terence, you've got a touch of hubris clearly evident in this copyrighted mess!
    Where in the western world does your viewpoint hold any stock? Outside the confines of a taliban stronghold, that is?

    Where does this hatred of the West originate?

    Aside from the occasional ribald remark, most of this is unabashedly drivel!
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