Blue Glass Poem by Jeri Martindale

Blue Glass

I stare at you through blue glass,
Then I sit back to take a swig;
So sweet on my lips as I lick that last taste.

I try to see through the mirror
Into your soul
Something sharp stabs my
Chest each time I go to far.

Speaking to me through flame,
It's all grand what you say
The words make me feel whole;
Like I am a queen today.

To only then turn around and say things
After you loved me forever
I cry out inside
But once again you are forgiven.

Then your touching on my arm;
I am flying oh so high!
Never shall I come down,
Or should I?

Take away what was given
After leaving after that passionate moment.
Then your climbing, climbing
Right back up my arm.

Should I let you in, or
Be as cold as ice?
Like your heart feels
While I touch it?

The clouds above us are
Swaying this way and that.
Is the purple color talking to us;
Is the wind screaming its All wrong?

I push away, escape, but want you here;
More often than you see.
Do you see it all, do you taste it as I do.

Swaying back and forth
holding my head in my hands.
Am I thinking of you,
Am I trying to banish those memories?

One day I will taste sweeter than yours,
Or will it be you in desquise?
One day I'll wake up from this dream

Friday, July 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: moving on
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