She Goddess Poem by Jeri Martindale

She Goddess

I am here, right here
I can't believe that I am staring at her
beautiful face, looking into her beautiful eyes.

I could die right now and
not wish for any single thing ever again.
Why can't I stay here in this moment forever tonight?

I am lost, the road is right here in front of me.
I am standing in the sunlight feeling
the Earth rotating around me, hoping that she can see me.

I can't go out like this, alright? !
I reach out to grasp the wind, begging for it to pull me in,
to whisper to me sweet secrets to hold onto me once again.

I am really here, once more I am here,
standing as the golden sun's raysbeam down upon me.
I still cant believe I get to keep her all night long.

I walk with her now down the lanes and across the meadow,
her aura lighting the path as we walk along.
I open my eyes, she remains, fading away slowly as the night fades into day.

Chuy Amante 24 March 2014

Very, very nice~ I hate it when the good ones fade away! ! well written

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Gajanan Mishra 24 March 2014

we walk along, good one.

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