I Remember Poem by Jeri Martindale

I Remember

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I remember those days when you use to lay your head upon my breasts and fall asleep on me as i gently rubbed your head.
That is something that takes away my breath.

I remember those days when you use to show up at my drive and knock on my door with a smile on your face mischief in your eyes and ask if I wanted to go outside, to go for a ride.
That is something that gives me butterflies.

I remember sitting out under the stars, you made me feel like I was the only woman on this Earth, holding my hand while we kicked our feet back and forth as we sat on the tailgate of your daddy's black ford.
That is something that makes my heart skip a beat.

I remember lying in the bed that night, half asleep, half awake, feeling your warm skin touching mine, feelings exploding deep within escaping as a moan of extreme pleasure from inside, and even though my words were softly spoken, you heard me tell you that I loved you the first time ever that night.
That is something that makes me want to keep you to myself forever.

'I love you too' I heard you speak to me, you wrapped me up into your arms, my body again yours, your skin touching me, making me feel weak yet still protecting me. I want you to hold me like this for a lifetime, don't ever let go of me. I can't say goodbye.
That is how I fell in love with you.

Rebecca Navarre 23 November 2016

Oh, How Beautifully Heart Warming! ! ! Brings Tender Thoughts! ! ! Soft Smiles Of Reflection! ! ! From Deeply Beautiful Moments! ! ! Thank You So Much Jeri, For Sharing This Wonderful Poem! ! ! 10s! ! !

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Sandra Feldman 14 July 2015

You really, delicately and lovingly made us feel your love journey. Great dominium of feelings thru words. Congratulations

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Akhtar Jawad 17 March 2015

A beautiful narration in a lovely poem wherein lines are flowing like a boat in a lake. How simply and nicely it has been narrated as to how she fell in love......................10

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Jeri Martindale 17 March 2015

thank you very much! !

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