Blue Sees Another Bee Poem by Darlene Walsh

Blue Sees Another Bee

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I see a bug, is it a bee
Darla has said no bee for me
It is a bug, a bug for Blue
But I was taught to listen to you

I want the bug, even it is bee
Bee is bug, all bug are for me
I see bee in bush, and bee in tree
Bee is bug, it must not be free

Darla can't see, she is not here
And bee sits in bush right over there
One snap of teeth, and no more free
Quick is bee, quicker I must be

Catch bee I must do, I'm quicker than you
Snap bee with teeth, now I must rue
Hurt me it did when I catch the bee
Should listen to Darla, bee must be free

Next day again I see a bee
Bee is bug, bug must be for me
But careful I am, you will see
Snap fast fast and faster at the bee

Snap fast fast and fast at bee in bush
Snap fast at bee, snap in a rush
Buzz goes the bee as I snap very fast
Falling to dirt goes the bee at last

Quick was the bee, but quicker was I
Bee lies on ground, not very sly
Bee doesn't flee snapped to pieces
Then swallow it I do, the bee ceases

Bee is bug, all bug are for me
Bee is bug, it must NOT be free

Monday, April 28, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
Blue chases anything that moves. I think he did get stung a few times, but I've seen him catch quite a few bees now without getting stung. I try to stop him when he's chasing bees, but unless I'm right there watching Blue, bees are not safe. We now call him hunter blue.
Bri Edwards 28 November 2015

this is a great sequel to an equally great prequel: Blue Sees A Bee. nice work Darlene! nice work Blue! ! bri :) both will go (arm-in-arm, or tail-in-tail) into my/our DECEMBER a showcase for PH poets, Section D [for LONGER poems], on my PH site. thanks 'Darla'. bri :)

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Patricia Grantham 18 June 2014

I love your play on words about bees. I am afraid of them but I respect this insect. From a bee I would rather be free. Good.

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Darlene Walsh 01 June 2014

Hi Bri, Thanks for your comment, I changed lays to lies as suggested, it does work better, but it took a long time to convince Blue to agree to the change. Yes it is dog speak, and Blue isn't too good with indefinite articles, therefor the lack of a in key places. I'm also not very good at English either, but it's what I have since I don't speak any other language. Blue has also watched a lot of Star Wars, in case you can't tell from the way he speaks, his favorite character is Yoda.

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Bri Edwards 01 June 2014

i laughed out loud (but not too loudly; my wife might be listening) at the ending. is the poem dog-speak or bear-speak? i've heard that bears eat bees as well as honey. i really enjoyed this after getting over the lack of a? after I see a bug, is it a bee....or is that supposed to read it is a bee? i guess i've seen some sentences in novels that sound like questions to me but lack question marks. hmmm? and maybe lies instead of lays? in Bee lays on ground, not very sly........oh well, dogs usually aren't english majors. - - - - - - - - i'm adding this to MyPoemList my favorite stanza is: Bee is bug, all bug are for me Bee is bug, it must NOT be free................BUT there were plenty of stanzas in the finals. thanks for sharing. i really like how you make the words and the word order work for you. and how you make it (i think) dog-speak. bri :)

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Susan Sparks 03 May 2014

Blue needs to chase cockroaches or bugs just as disgusting, like fleas. Bees are for me. They must be free! Great poem. Love the play on words.

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