Modern Technology Poem by Darlene Walsh

Modern Technology

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Modern technology is great when it works
If you can handle all the buggy quirks
Patience is key when dealing with the conveniences
When pushing all the right buttons takes geniuses

Modern technology is a great mind feeder
I keep a whole library in my e-reader
I went to read a book and what did I find
I pushed the button and the screen didn't shine

Modern technology is great for knowledge
More than you can learn in the greatest college
Anything you need to know is on the internet
And everything is accurate, it's a sure bet

Modern technology is the great new way
So click away on your keyboard all day
Seeing daylight is not healthy anymore
There's no reason to ever go out the door

Modern technology saves tons of resources
Visiting friends belongs to the days of horses
Why visit friends when you can text day and night
Or see thousands on your favorite social site

Modern technology can still improve
So we would never again need to move
Soon we will have a chip implanted
So we can take being connected for granted

Sunday, July 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: technology
Ashira 28 September 2021

Is there an poetic language for this poem? , I wonder what is it

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Khairul Ahsan 18 April 2020

'Visiting friends belongs to the days of horses' - I think, it's not really so. You need personal touches, hugs, etc to be truly 'in touch'. Connection through internet and social media is also good, but it's no substitute for a personal visit. However, I appreciate both your observation and imagination of modern technology, as described in the poem.

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janice 11 June 2019

wow this is truely a masterpiece i must say tears were falling down my cheeks, truly touching. my perception of the world has shifted into a new light.

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Bri Edwards 15 June 2017

a genius i'm not! Anything you need to know is on the internet And everything is accurate, it's a sure MUCH do you want to bet! ? i got a chip implanted in my shoulder. i now have a chip ON my shoulder. nice rhyming and essay about teknologie. wait. i gotta check the spelling on Google. some subtle humor to boot! bri :) i'll like this for a showcase, madam. to MyPoemList. bri :)

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