' Blue Stream Poem by Tsira Gogeshvili

' Blue Stream

Rating: 3.0

You're blue stream and transparent so,
I’m tired of dreaming on a wild-road,
I'd sing but I’ll sing to stars over sky,
But I won’t drink you to thirst for, never
for you'll love me so more and more
You are blue stream, transparent the...

Andrew mark Wilkinson 26 February 2009

A Blue stream, sort of relaxing poetry Tsira...10

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Fiona Davidson 26 February 2009

Beautiful write Tsira...such great imagery comes from your words...thank you...Fi...10+++

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Ency Bearis 26 February 2009

So cool to read with great imagery..nice...10

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Lynda Robson 26 February 2009

Blue stream is a lovely title, lovely words too, 10 for you Lynda xx

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Andrew Blakemore 26 February 2009

Words so soft and gentle like the sweetest of dreams. Lovely piece Tsira. Love, Andrew x.

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Stefanie Fontker 08 October 2011

Lovely writing. I really love this. You have a great talent. Keep on writing.

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Gary Witt 31 January 2011

'...a tired dream on a wild road...' Tsira, that is a fantastic line. Marvelous. Thank you for sharing this one. -G

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alice sunderland 24 February 2010

lovely writing TG. i like your style!

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Afzal Shauq 09 November 2009

hmmm what an impressive poem is this one..really sweet and meaningful..loved it..well done..10/10

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Ramin Chaman 06 November 2009

I’ll sings to stars high in the sky, ............. but I sing verses at night.. Indeed a nice poem ' Tsira...for this 10 + Ramin ..

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