' April Poem by Tsira Gogeshvili

' April

Rating: 2.8

Puzzling dialogues grow facile,
April is a month of dates,
The cherry-plum blossoms in April,
And for the love it happily waits.

The maiden has a date in April,
Her heart is full of adoration…
O spring! Just you hold me back,
Or else, I’d have left the Creation.

Greenwolfe 1962 22 February 2008

Very nicely done. It reminded me of the first poem I ever wrote, it was about love in April and November. GW62

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Gregory Gunn 15 March 2008

'Laughing with gleaming smile, Luminous eyes and flowing tresses, Light brown skin soft and supple, Let me compare thee to the splendour Of Spring, together for the first time You and I; seems befitting as Nature renews itself once again. Miracle! ' -from my Song For Spring,1995 Tsira, a delightful read. xx Gregory

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so beautiful thanks for sharing

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John Tiong Chunghoo 11 April 2008

the beauty of spring, how it slowly arrives with the melting of the snow, the breeze, and the warm and infectious laughter of children in school that set the spring mood going. the coming of spring is like the birth of a new child. good write tsira.

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Greenwolfe 1962 07 May 2008

I sort of made fun of April in my poem 'November Love' but you described it wonderfully. GW62

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April is a month of dates. Beautiful poem.

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Unwritten Soul 05 June 2011

I read in June but feel some April cherries' memories with me now :) Nice write...i wonder how strong Summer in Georgia hold you back to April...Maybe u need write 'August'..lol Joking. Like it_Unwritten SOul

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 November 2009

A poem with assorted taste…

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Roland Bastien 05 May 2009

mmmmmm....that's smell good........spring

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Costa Anakiev 23 March 2009

Tsira, well done: good rhymes and nice words. Let alone, this month is very special because of 1st April. Any time I meet the word 'April', I remember I haven't finished my poem about an April fool. Sorry, but i don't know when it'll happen. Konstantin.

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