Beyond The Skies Poem by Tsira Gogeshvili

Beyond The Skies

Rating: 4.9

To Emily Dickinson _
my etemal sister

The horror of the shattered mirror,
The thoughts about the death at night...
and with a clock that doesn ‘ t strike
Flies the time in shade of light...

I ’ ve flown over the bounds of fear,
I ’ ve rolled away the rocks of ice,
I know you ‘ II never come to me…
I ’ II wait for you beyond the skies.

And on the path of fractured glimmer
Thoughts of you give me no fright…
And with a clock that doesn ’ t strike
Flies the time in shade of light.

Manonton Dalan 01 October 2008

beyond the skies dream dies in deep blue here in dust covered earth, we play in endless symphony trying to feel happy thanks. md

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Albert Wong 03 October 2008

Oh, very good poem with rhymes on it fixed perfectly., I like this poem very much so I give you 10 marks.

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Ivan Donn Carswell 12 October 2008

A first posting on this site with such power and poetic clarity sets an unenviable standard Tsira but I think it a challenge you are equal to... Rgds, Ivan

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Andrew Blakemore 25 October 2008

Excellent poem Tsira, impeccable ryhme and meter. Best wishes, Andrew

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Ridge Cahill 12 November 2008

Very impressive - an excellent poem indeed.

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Jim Hogg 20 November 2019

I love the idea, Tsira, and you express the understandable connection you feel so intensely and so well. Emily D's work has such captivating time-breaking power.

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Narayanan Kutty Pozhath 30 April 2018

Beyond the skies is a beautiful poem.

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Cristina Teodor 20 June 2011

Such an outstanding well crafted poem, the rhyme you used is such a delight for ears..Cristina Teodor

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Mohamed Ali 10 May 2011

Deep wisdom is ingrained here beyond a common mind.10-

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Kevin Carney 20 February 2011

What a great poem, you rhyme at the right places and the words just flow. You have so a great talent for this in your other writings. Such a great tribute to your favorite poet.10+++

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