Bone And Stone Poem by C. Michael Miller

Bone And Stone

Rating: 4.0

The land greets the passing of time with a solemn serenity.
A silent witness to all the countless years,
a faithful historian of all that transpires.

Into this chronicle, a child-she enters... walking
through this whisper of ancient land and trees...
between the spaces of awareness and wonder.

Into this land she brings nothing... she brings all that she is.
She strides ‘round her sisters, standing tall and majestic.
They bid her welcome, and challenge.

Night is to day, as day is to night. Three times thus.
A green patch of earth-loam welcomes her reclining form.
Up through the embracing arms of her sisters
she spies the evening star.

Join us, child-she.
Rest. Dream.

Hair meets with grass, an entwined, indistinguishable union.
In a blink, her eyes become the waters of the world.
Fingers squeeze the earth and become roots of life.
The curves of her body, the length and shape of her legs,
form the rolling hills and valleys.

Hipbones join with the stones of the land,
creating the foundation of all that she is to become...
her thoughts melding with futures yet to be... possibilities abound.

Release, oh blessed release.

Debbie Kean 11 August 2006

This is redolent of hope and renewal... brilliant!

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Ernestine Northover 01 January 2006

You have painted a tapestry here, I pictured it with every line, a wonderful rendering, a poem of a melting of form, an intricately interlacing story. Lovely write. Love Ernestine XXX

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Simone Inez Harriman 25 December 2005

Awesome Charles. Such a magical poem. Enjoyed this one.

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Raynette Eitel 24 July 2005

This is mystical and lovely, a return to the mother earth and the sky. It has a feel of mythology about it. Nice work. Raynette

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