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I feel afraid when
the sea crashes
into my expectations...

Bone And Stone

The land greets the passing of time with a solemn serenity.
A silent witness to all the countless years,
a faithful historian of all that transpires.

Vantage Point

From my vantage point your beauty flowers.

From my vantage point your belly undulates
as on a gentle ocean.

Navajo Girl

The heat between them, she looks down at
her lover... that she should have a love...
a man such as him.

Living Poem

I can’t figure her out, really.
She’s like a living poem... the
times too numerous to recall when
I've just existed in a daze,

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My heart was wounded, but the cure finally arrived. I met a Navajo Girl, she of the Red Streak Into the Water Clan. She saved my life by giving me life. Now together, we have a new life joined with us. Our daughter Diana owns the world. We rent from her.

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