Born This Way Poem by Jamal Brown

Born This Way

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Stop critisizing me just because I don't
fit into any of your stereotypes. So what I'm different.
What authority do you have to change me? I am who
I am. And yea, I'm bisexual, so what now? Remember
this one thing: You will NEVER be able to
change me. Heaven forbid if my life is ever cut short,
put this on my grave: 'Here lies the kid we couldn't
change.' To every kid out there who is like me, who
is afraid to have a voice because of what others
might think, live freely, have your voice, be happy.
Hey baby, we were born this way! ! And to our
haters, don't let the door hit you where the good lord split
you, and the dog should've bit you.

Ben Burger 25 October 2011

This is a good poem. I believe taht this is something you want to voice to the world, and you've done it well. In my opinuin, I don't view you as a bisexual man, I view you as a man, but thats just me. I'm aint no saint and I make no claims, it's just the way I've been raised. The poem is well written

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A Lifetime Of Fame 25 October 2011

Thanks. That means alot to me! ! !

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Redneck 3 25 October 2011

i respect you for puttin this up i like it alot

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Romeo Della Valle 23 October 2011

Bravo! I take my hat off for you and as part of the universal audience, I give you a standup ovation! Love your feeling and strength! Your fighting stand and great emotion shown in this fantastic write! 10+++ I admire you my friend! If time permits, check my recent poems posted: PRIDE IN NEW YORK CITY and A Dare Mind Escape! Keep up that strong fighting spirit! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from NYC...

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Jamal Brown

Jamal Brown

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