Last Day Poem by Jamal Brown

Last Day

Rating: 2.8

I am a Jesus Christ fanatic and proud of it.

The whole world should be like me and bow down to the lord above it.

Not to sound all 'holier than thou' 'cause I'm not.

But let me tell you it's better than sitting in hell to rott.

Treat everyone like family

they might help you make your way.

Do good for all humanity

Because it might just be your last day.

Ben Burger 20 October 2011

I agree with left alone, but the poem is remarkable

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Ashley Davis 10 July 2009

You should be proud! Great poem! keep it up! ! =)

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yes but if it is your last day you want live your life to the fullest im not disagreeing or agreeing but its complex im not a jesus fanatic i used to be but i woke up and realized that jesus and god wants us to live not by church rules or there rules because they love us for our mistakes and flaws but i like the poem 100% No Reason To Care

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Sandy Vanity 09 July 2009

i like this poem your a great writer :)

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