Born To Pay Tax Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil

Born To Pay Tax

In the realm of taxes, let us explore,
The burdens we bear, the costs we endure.
From the youngest to the oldest, all are entwined,
Indirect taxes touch each life, intertwined.

Even a baby, innocent and small,
Unbeknownst to them, taxes do befall.
As their parents purchase goods and necessities,
Indirect taxes sneak in, with subtle complexities.

A motorcar's purchase, a symbol of pride,
Brings with it a tax, a sum to abide.
Riad tax is levied, a toll on the ride,
Adding to the cost, as laws coincide.

Fuel for our journeys, powering our way,
With each drop we purchase, a tax we pay.
A contribution to the nation's revenue,
As we fill up our tanks, the tax accrues.

Toll tax awaits at each gateway we pass,
A fee to traverse, as we move en masse.
Crossing the threshold, a toll we must bear,
Funds collected, for infrastructure's repair.

These taxes, unseen but deeply felt,
In the fabric of our lives, they're subtly dealt.
A poem to portray their presence so real,
As we navigate a world where taxes reveal.

Indirect taxes touch young and old,
From the moment we enter, till our stories are told.
Yet in the midst of these burdens we face,
We find strength and resilience, a saving grace.

For in the spirit of our unity strong,
We rise above the challenges, the taxes among.
With determination and hopes held high,
We forge ahead, under the boundless sky.

In the dance of taxes, a symphony unfolds,
A rhythm of contributions, as life unfolds.
Let us navigate this world with wisdom and grace,
Knowing that our journey encompasses more than just taxes we face.

Sunday, May 21, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: taxes,taxation
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