Bandstand Beach Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil

Bandstand Beach

Rating: 5.0

From the west the fast winds blow,
By force and with lovely sound,
By and by my emotions grow,
And freshness is there me around.
Uplifting their heads, waves me reach,
And with stone and rocks they collide,
And sprinkles water on me on the beach,
And I try taking my notebook aside.

O wind! You touch the Arabian Sea,
That comes from the holiest place,
And so you are lovely and dear to me,
For therein you bring peace and grace.
May you blow through my weary heart,
And grant me strength to face the world,
Oh, gentle breeze, your love is an art!
Cleanse my every word as it's unfurled.

Now darkness begins growing much more,
And standing I am not single fellow,
Lovers gather with beloveds on the shore,
Busy in love and romance but slow.
Who is true mate on the way of love?
I've remained my aspirations with me,
Like twinkling stars so high above,
But reflection is merely in the sea.

(composed on November 5th,2009)

Jenny Gordon 17 October 2010

Very nice, I like it very well. Your end-rhyming is perfect and delightful. I enjoyed the scene you painted poetically. It was delightful to read!

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Omar Ibrahim 03 December 2010

WOW! perfect! .....opening, transition, closure...rhymes, metaphors,'s just a perfect and ideal poem! (however, the wind won't travel from the east i're in Mumbai, so the sea is coming from the west.right? i'm not good in geography though) thanks for sharing

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Leela Devi 06 December 2010

the subtle message is most appealing

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Soulful Heart 07 April 2012

Like twinkling stars so high above, ...................lovely poem and the mentioned line is the best description of the poem......

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Raeanne Furfaro 17 August 2011

Lovely rich prose in this effort. The wind, the sea, the lovers, the beach, I can feel it all as you write it. Imagery is beautiful. Love is in the very air you breathe and the wind carries it where it will. The sea is restless as are the lovers and those with no lover for the right one has not yet appeared Very nice poem and well written.

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very restful write,1st stanza is very peaceful, you descibe the attraction of the sea verywell

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Leela Devi 28 December 2010

BEACH--has multiple poetic connotations---and you penned then through poetic prism-lovely

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Malaya Roses 14 December 2010

I could understand the poet wish to be tranquility of peace, love and reality. Sometimes nature will blow away all the uneasy feeling and heartache. I find the rhythm are smooth as words usage is reader friendly. Keep your good work.

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