The Impact Of Love Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil

The Impact Of Love

Rating: 5.0

Love is pretty, sweet and kind,
Like a beautiful hillside morn,
Blowing breeze and fragrance bind,
Then it is in one's heart born.

Life is the knot without love,
Like a dark night without moon,
Or something alone high above,
Writhing badly in scorching noon.

Love is mighty, can make and mar,
Has many forms and many names,
Its absence brings hatred and war,
But, storm and disaster it tames.

Love is holy, His books and favour,
Creation of angels, man and universe,
His mercy, prophets and their endeavour,
It also makes me compose this verse.

Unwritten Soul 03 December 2011

Emerging warm from cold, that what we can find here...The writing you share really soothing and peaceful art. I agree with all comments here and Luvo was right, but i guess saying in general also can be so beautiful as it touch everyone well..Sweet hand will always conduct sweet writing, because all of these things connecting each other..When soul of you got something to tell, or think let it free may it reach others to feel the same way of what you tried to share..It is a nice poem Mohammad_Unwritten Soul

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Heather Wilkins 10 November 2011

love is a many splendor thing. So many emotions invoved with it. happy, sad, laughter, tears. Lovely writing Mohammad. Keep up the inspirational writing.

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Luvo Mjayezi 07 November 2011

Your poem is lovely but it just feels like you left out yourself in it. You should make it more personal I mean love is somethign personal. all the imagery you have used in your poem is beatutiful and sublime. if you put a bit of yourself in poems like this I promise you, you will be much more meaningful to you and many people will be able to connect with you through it. sorry for the criticism, I really like your descriptions, but I like connecting with people's writings.

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Kaila George 06 November 2011

Its as many face's, it changes, one minute the world is bright, the next its all gloom or doom, but thats what beautiful about learn and you grow...thank you so much for this poem...its 10+

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Ramesh Rai 06 November 2011

nice, beautiful and warming.

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 January 2016

Love is everything! And, we need peace and joy on earth. Nice work.

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Akhtar Jawad 15 June 2014

You have nice sources to write this beautiful poem.

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Akhtar Jawad 15 June 2014

You have nice sources to write this beautiful poem.

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Amy Marie 07 December 2011

I like it! You describe love so nicely here. I want to feel this way too.

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Andrew Blakemore 07 December 2011

Without love we are nothing, beautiful poetry.

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