A Child's Dream (On Gujrat Riot) Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil

A Child's Dream (On Gujrat Riot)

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This is a dramatically poem on the Gujrat riot...

Once while sleeping I saw a dream,
In a beautiful ground was playing,
That was lying near a lovely stream,
A pretty smile was the sun displaying,
Grass was tickling when we'd run,
And dew disappeared as shone the sun.

In the game, so fast I ran,
And found myself far away,
Saw back but no friend I sought,
But my eyes met an old mourning man,
May be, he forgot his own way,
I reached him curiously in this thought.

When he turned his lovely face,
I recognized, Ah! Our National Father,
Whose tender heart was full of grace,
'Why thy eyes wet? O my father!
Practising on thy doctrines, now India is free,
But, ye weeping, O ye must be glee.'

Wiping his tears he broke his ice,
'Why to be happy and on what to be gay? '
He spoke in his woeful voice,
They again and again me slay,
My home affected by violent flood,
And my yard is full of human blood.'

'I'm unable to imagine, O what we say?
How thou be slain again and again,
While from thy home thou far away,
And on thy attire, how is this stain?
I've seen thee cheerful in my books,
But, why sorrowful thy face looks?

'Open thy mind and understand me, O child!
Where peace resides the place I attain,
And thou know well that I've been mild,
Thy white clothing leaders made on me stain,
Ah! Gujrat, My Gujrat is full of human blood,
Wild Modi has brought a violent flood.'

In his tearful eyes I saw horrible sights,
Men be killed, burnt, cleft and badly drawn,
Surrounding one be ripped if one who fights,
Tearing womb, infants are wildly drawn,
Infants're cleft before their mothers' eyes,
With a painful cry I closed my eyes.

Soma Mukherjee 01 July 2011

Beautiful poem on aad and ugly event Reminds me of a hindi poem Us din maine Rajghaat par Rashtra pita ko rotey dekha

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Hribhu Dey 29 June 2011

subjective emotion nicely imaged and constructed...enjoyed Dear. A 10

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Arfa Iris 27 March 2011


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Ibnu Din Assingkiri 01 February 2011

story flow like a smooth river flow to the sea. the details touches to the deepest feel.

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I know how the muslim brothers felt on Gujarat riots.It is a shame on our democracy and to Gandhi.Your poem is really touching.I am a Hindu but I share your sorrow. JVL NARASIMHA RAO ANDHRA PRADESH INDIA

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Soulful Heart 10 July 2015

violence unimaginable by inhuman savages................how truely you have put in words........kudos foor writing for the poor vctims.......May Allah bless them with his mercy for their murders...

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Akhtar Jawad 28 June 2015

A heart touching poem. Violence is increasing every day in the world. If we cannot stop it we should at least condemn it. The poet has nicely performed his moral duty and that too by writing such a beautiful poem.

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Infants're cleft before their mothers' eyes, With a painful cry I closed my eyes... nice poem..10 half truth is evil's work it incites with use of words people are excited to take revenge such propaganda is dangerous

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Soulful Heart 05 December 2011

I am wordless to describe this poignant poem.............we can apply it to any massacre any where in the world.......innocents still die in Iraq, africa, afghanistan, kashmir, ..........violence is every where.even in day to day life........man has turned a monster without restraint......nice work

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Allemagne Roßmann 28 August 2011

A very good documentary on Gujarat riots..Gujus afterall found the importance of having a battalion in indian army like every state...The hindus which in Indian dominion of Pakistan has had been converting themselves to get free from taxes since aurangzeb, tipu sultan, ghori md, shah jalal bla bla could not but be spared..India is still a democracy where a muslim man can express his concern which i think is next to impossible in Islamist republic of pakistan, that of iran(though its shia-ite) and now that of bangladesh..Caste system in hindus though since 1000 yrs responsible for considerable amount of low caste people being converted into muslims but as regards present scenario muslims have in india more rights and democracy than hindus be it or not they are original versions like that in Saudi Arabia.No Abrahamic religion women in India marries i feel until now a hindu man unless they are a celebrity like hrithik roshan, aditya panscholi.In Hyderabad the concept of Telengana could also be considered here...its not always one-sided but muslims world over are a problem for democracy unless they live in dictatored islamist states like Libya, morocco, Sudan and Egypt.India is the only country which has observed muslim man as president and muslim cricket captain with the latter contributing to india`´s shame in betting meters...for democracy its an advice to the women from muslims that do please accept and marry indian hindu boys as what they are as concept of burkhhas and subjugations in the name of religion is banned in most developed countries like France for example feeling the same pain like India with muslims from Algeria and Morocco, Trinidad blacks and Mauritius tribals..

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