Bottled Up Poem by Alicia Meyers

Bottled Up

Rating: 4.5

I hold my breath,
And force myself to breathe,
I take another step,
And then I'm close to being free.
That is how I feel,
When I can't tell anyone,
What I think,
Because I bottled it all inside.
I can't say what is wrong with me,
Or it's another seven hour lecture,
Or I will get yelled at for putting what I feel,
On facebook or twitter.
I don't understand why,
I feel like this,
I'm enforcing myself to stay bottled up,
For a reason.
And I don't know what kind of reason,
Because if I did,
I would allow myself,
To write it in this poem.
When I feel sad or alone,
I cry a little,
But then die inside,
And I don't let anyone see it.
I pretend I'm happy,
Whenever you catch a glimpse of my smile,
But I'm not,
Because I'm faking everything - hopefully for awhile.
And when I say 'this was the best day ever, '
Don't forget those words,
Because they are true,
No matter if I have a smile or a frown on my face.
And when I say 'I'm fine, '
And you see me looking through the window,
Hug me and say that I'm not fine,
And ask me what's wrong.
Don't stop asking,
If I say 'I'm fine, '
Because you know I'm not,
And then I'll give in and tell you.

David Beckham 19 December 2011

Very clever indeed and very positive. tfs 10/10

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Asif Andalib 08 December 2011

I totally agree with Silentpoet Grl. Moreover I think you are a fine poet. Thanks for sharing your poems.

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Silentpoet Grl 07 December 2011

sometimes its easier to just say 'im fine' with a fake smile upon your face... thats what poetry can be wonderful for - an outlet for some of the 'bottled up' emotions - great write.

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Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

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