Better Poem by Alicia Meyers


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Sand is moist from the rain,
waves crashing on shore,
Tear drops falling in hands,
I can't take this anymore.

Mascara rubbing off,
Cheeks rosey as red,
Crawled up into a ball,
Wanting to be dead.

Dark clouds come in,
As I sit there crying in my hands,
Rain pours harder,
Wanting to understand.

How could you lie to me?
How could you break my heart?
Why must you embarrassed me?
And tear me apart?

I loved you,
Yet you didn't love me,
I'm so ashamed,
Since you weren't my everything.

But I guess I get it,
I'm young and all,
I'll find someone better,
Someone strong and tall.

Yet I'd still be the outcast for you,
Because I mean nothing to you,
Because I'm just a fake,
Since you can see right through.

But you're wrong about me,
I have emotion and a heart,
I'm better than all the other girls,
But that was until you pulled us apart.

Hopefully I'll find a man,
Who won't lie,
Who won't break my heart and cheat,
That wouldn't stand there and let me cry.

But as I feel the moist in the sand,
As the waves crash onto the shore,
My mascarsa has dried,
From the rain and tears that aren't there anymore.


this is a good poem it include the story of the life

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Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

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