Breaktime Poem by Billy Loving


Rating: 4.8

Relaxing, tantalizing foray
From work, a brief respite
Enjoying a beautiful spring day
In the cooling breeze, I delight
Fresh blooms abound
The fragrance of honeysuckle fills the air
Birds chirping out nature's melodic sound
At a swimming fish, I stop and stare
Once bare trees now covered in leaves
A hawk lazily soars through the sky
Observing the spider as the web he weaves
Hearing the fluttering wings while a hummingbird buzzes by
All his wonders small and great
Such happiness, the Lord's works create

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Nicco Muegge 09 October 2016

good imagery, i could see all you painted

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Wes Vogler 08 December 2015

aho Billy I am constantly having to hold down my o THE COFFEE CROWD Our irrascible, lovable Fred. Finding out he's a softie's his dread. #1 So be on your guard, He'll be down on you, hard, And slap you 'longside of your head. Grammatical Pat's an example: #2 That English is not what you trample. Be precise and concise, And say something that's nice.. And I don't have a rhyme here that's ample) We sometimes are joined here by Allan #3 (The one that we fear has just fallen... When he's down on the ground, Tho he's just CLEARING 'round His marigold patches) ... (that Allan!) El presiden-TAY's name is Gail #4 And we bow and we holler All Hail! `` You thought teaching was tough.. Well, when YOU`ve had enough Of presiding, we`ll `range for your bail. And now we have come to Sir Robin. There are times he can leave your head throbbin'. #5 Tho wondrous tales HE tells Please spare us the DEtails... Familial lists leave us sobbin'. Vice president`s name? Why, 'tis (Sissily) Cecily. #6 Say it right or she`s gonna get bristily. (I lie, beg your pardon.) She's in charge of the garden As well. (and remember it's 'Sissily') Now we`ve Marsha, The girl with the hair. #7 She`s a cutie, but do not despair, Tho She`s taking a hike With her pup and her bike, And the money, I hear`s, in her care. I don't know what to say about Gerri #8 She's not sweet, she's not quiet, (not very) But she gen'rally knows What she's saying, (it shows) , (And I pause before being contrary) And here's Gordon, who's under suspicion; #9 Kind and gentle with soft erudition. He's too good to be true, WE'LL FIND OUT ABOUT YOU! ... (Check with Martha for latest submission) Oh, what's our man Archie about? #10 He looks like he's 'bout to break out. He'll demand a new ship When he gets his new hip. (I don't think that we have any doubt.) Now I'm in trouble, it's Donna, #11 And I really can't say what I wanna. She seems quiet and pert. (I don't want to get hurt.) We'll discuss her downstairs in the sauna. She's here and she's ev-er-y-where, #12 It's Connie, well, I do declare! In the Manor halls, In the Manor walls? It's always nice knowing she's there. Louie the lip's rather raucous, #13 He'd BE at home IN any caucus Of a crow or a ram, Or at old Notre Dame, Or at any place that he could mock us. AND, of course, then there is Wes. #14 I don't KNOW what to say, I confess. He thinks he's a poet, But SOME wish he'd stow it (Which he'd ONLY do under duress.) Good heavens we left out our Janet, #15 (and final) The quietest girl on the planet. Silent rivers run deep Or is she asleep? No more lim'ricks, says she, we will ban it. I do appreciate rhyming verse. You also have a nice flow which tells me you read them aloud before finishing. My genre is the disciplined limerick, largely the attempt to put old jokes into limerick form. I have just discovered you (hope there are some limericks) Not too much wrong with this one a 9

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Roseann Shawiak 24 October 2015

Beautiful imagery, takes one away floating with your images, imagining what you're seeing, creating an atmosphere of beauty that soothes the soul. Great poem, love it! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Liza Sudina 20 October 2015

Very Relaxing poem - even I had a breaktime while reading it! you have a talent for transferring emotions! Bravo!

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