Bridal Song Poem by William Shakespeare

Bridal Song

Rating: 3.5

ROSES, their sharp spines being gone,
Not royal in their smells alone,
   But in their hue;
Maiden pinks, of odour faint,
Daisies smell-less, yet most quaint,
   And sweet thyme true;

Primrose, firstborn child of Ver;
Merry springtime's harbinger,
   With her bells dim;
Oxlips in their cradles growing,
Marigolds on death-beds blowing,
   Larks'-heels trim;

All dear Nature's children sweet
Lie 'fore bride and bridegroom's feet,
   Blessing their sense!
Not an angel of the air,
Bird melodious or bird fair,
   Be absent hence!

The crow, the slanderous cuckoo, nor
The boding raven, nor chough hoar,
   Nor chattering pye,
May on our bride-house perch or sing,
Or with them any discord bring,
   But from it fly!

Albert Wong 10 July 2009

I have post a Chinese translation about this poem, but there ia a guy named: justjust gives information like this as follow: 'this was the first time i saw this poem. i have a feeling that it was not written by shakespeare. why so? meter is one thing of consideration. shakespeare did not seem to use this kind of meter (often) . secondly, some words may not be so shakespearean. for instance, the word 'Ver'. apparently this is not an english word. it is latin, meaning spring. i don't recall seeing this word in his sonnets. also the rhyme. i would think that normally shakespeare would choose a different type of rhyme. '

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* Sunprincess * 06 October 2012

beautiful poem love the flowers and the birds..excellent imagery.. :)

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Stevie Taite 11 December 2012

Why should the birds not be there? Or am I getting it all wrong? Some one please explain?

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Gabby J 27 July 2012

its not typically shakesreare but i like it its very interesting

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Stevie Taite 11 December 2012

Oh......only the pretty birds?

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Ruta Mohapatra 01 February 2022

Or with them any discord bring....enjoyed reading this.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 31 January 2022

If you are reading my comments here, then you will read two errors by typing, namely the word TOUCHING and the word CONCERNS. In which comment? You will find them yourself. Thank you for your attention.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 31 January 2022

William Shakespeare, my most favourite poet of the Classic poems.5 Stars fullest on TOP!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 31 January 2022

Last but not least number 2: following tradition, flower petals are thrown so that they rain over the bride as she walks down the aisle. By the time the bride reaches the altar to join the groom, the flower petals have already settled on the floor before them. "

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Sylvia Frances Chan 31 January 2022

Last but not least: Customarily, these are used to bid the bride and groom an auspicious marriage, that they experience happiness and harmony in their life together. The speaker continues on wishing the couple well with,

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