Broken Memories Poem by Crystal Bradley

Broken Memories

Memories haunt me from mistakes I've made.
I know not how to erase them from my mind.
Will the ghosts of the past forever control my soul?
Or will the echos fade and finally disappear with time?
How do I learn to live with my shame?
How do I explain away my ignorance
when I have only myself to blame?
Can I face my sins when I can't even own up to them?
Shall I disgrace God by asking for forgiveness when I can't forgive myself?
My sins aren't so horribly bad.
Not as bad as they could have been.
But in my mind they play over and over again.
Like a broken record that never ends.

Dwi Utami 19 July 2010

I'know not how to erase them from my mind, will the ghosts of the past forever control my soul? so nice poem.of you, great congrat! : thumb; +10

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Dr.subhendu Kar 08 July 2010

soul yet redeems by knowing the mistake heart when resolves truth by own penitence, beautiful write by flow of passion yet ingenious, thanks for sharing

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Amrit Rathi 17 June 2010

Very good poem artistically! Well pained problem with pathos and seeking solutions! I rate it 9/10. And soultion: read my poem: LIFE'S A CELEBRATION! Thanks.

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