Crystal Bradley Poems

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Just Take My Hand

There was a man who was lost.
He had nowhere to turn.
No one to turn to.
Until one day God came to him.

Loves First Kiss

Long lost love
How I yearn for thee.
Soft, sweet whispers
of loves ancient melody.

Broken Memories

Memories haunt me from mistakes I've made.
I know not how to erase them from my mind.
Will the ghosts of the past forever control my soul?
Or will the echos fade and finally disappear with time?

The Song

Time goes by so swiftly
that we barely have time to stop
and notice all of life's beauty.
Seasons change as quickly

Eternal Lullaby

Sweet eternal lullaby
Lay me down gently
into the darkness that awaits.
Let your tempting kiss be not bitter

Little Consequence

What consequence am I
in this vast world?
Do I even presume to think that
my existence matters?

The Driver

A driver and his wife were on their way to the grocery store when a car
pulled out in front of them.
The driver's wife screamed, 'Look out! '
To which the driver replied, 'Calm down, Bud. I had it.'

Most Precious Child

Most precious child
How I love thee dearly.
Such a wondrous gift
God has bestowed upon me.

To Live?

I sit and stare all around me
And wonder
Is this real?
If I take a breath

The Path

I cry,
I cringe,
I lose,
I fear,

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