The Driver Poem by Crystal Bradley

The Driver

Rating: 5.0

A driver and his wife were on their way to the grocery store when a car
pulled out in front of them.
The driver's wife screamed, 'Look out! '
To which the driver replied, 'Calm down, Bud. I had it.'
Several days later, not paying much attention, a truck he was closely following suddenly slammed on his brakes.
Before the driver could notice the rapidly approaching truck, his wife yelled,
'Slow down! '
It was an extremely close call. But the driver just replied, 'I had it, Bud. I had it.'
Weeks later, trying to text while driving, the driver's tires started to drift off the road.
His wife cried, 'You're going off the road! '
Swerving back onto the road and extremely annoyed, he yelled, 'Bud, I had it! '
The next night, on their way to a late night movie, the wife kept silent as she noticed her husband following too closely, swerving, and not paying attention to the road.
And when the car hit a semi truck after failing to notice a stop sign, he and his wife found themselves dead and cold, standing at judgment's door.
Baffled and afraid, the driver turned to his wife, 'I didn't even see the truck.'
She looked at him pointedly, 'I did.'
'Why didn't you say anything? ' he asked in confusion.
'Because you had it, Bud.'

Brian Jani 24 May 2014

What a write indeed, well done

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What a write! Well done, ; D

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