Little Consequence Poem by Crystal Bradley

Little Consequence

Rating: 5.0

What consequence am I
in this vast world?
Do I even presume to think that
my existence matters?
When I am gone,
will anyone weep?
Will they say,
'Woe to us all that lost such a one? '
Will they fall to their knees,
pull at their hair in anguish,
and rain tears of grief?
Will my name be uttered long after
I leave this world?
Or will the soft whisper die in the wind
as if I never was and had never been?
What consequence am I
in this vast world?
No more than you.
No more than he.
For once the dust has settled,
no one will even remember me.

Chris G. Vaillancourt 06 May 2014

Nicely written poem..........................

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Dr.subhendu Kar 25 May 2010

mortal being still blooms in its time and space as today comes to tomorrow from yester wind yet at times we remember obscurity by history and by passage of eternal stream loses our green as oblivion bewilders beneath and beyond................wonderful write by the quest riffling in existentialism, yet introspective,10+++, thanks for sharing

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Nerisha Kemraj 21 May 2010

I especially like this one - great stuff

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