Broken Path Poem by Priyanka Bhowmick

Broken Path

Rating: 5.0

I peep into my empty mind,
where lots of dilemma together combined,
thoughts that haunt me day and night,
the fire that burns with a feeling of delight,
an empty mind with unending illusions,
the face that always floats in my vision,
I seek for happiness out of my way,
something that stops me on being happy and gay,
the fruits I had once from my garden of dreams,
I found the better ones from the castle of the queen,
the path that ends half on the way,
'Go back to your forlorn pavilion', it says.

Sandra Martyres 23 August 2009

This is a very sad piece Priyanka....broken paths can always be mended, , , ,

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Musical Notes 04 September 2009

'Go back to your forlorn pavilion', - to begin another journey...! nice piece...

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 01 September 2009

i agree with will lead you to good

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Marieta Maglas 31 August 2009

well expressed abstract poem, thank you for sharing..........10+++++

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Indira Babbellapati 31 August 2009

yes, the last line be our mantra...nothing to beat that time we spend with heals!

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 26 August 2009

ohh...very deep and meaningful poem... wonderfully expressed. thank you.

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