A Tree Poem by Priyanka Bhowmick

A Tree

Rating: 5.0

A tree, so sole,
yet so familiar with all,
gives shade under its branches,
an intimate friend,
a shelter for all.

Butified by its leaves,
so green and serene,
everyone loves it,
the matured tree.

A time of season,
the tree not more alive,
it's dead and decayed,
its leaves already dried.
No one looks at it,
for it not give shelter anymore,
'It's a cursed tree! ! ', say all,
it's being hated, therefore.

Spring is here! !
now new leaves going to bloom again,
the tree shall smile again,
its friends will approach it.

It's friends, those cursed it,
while it was decayed,
during its unfortunate days,
shall play with it again,
when see its happy days.

Yelena M. 23 June 2009

You describe nature scenes amazingly thanks to your poetic talent.A very delicate poem, thanks for sharing and keep on! Best wishes. A.

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Indira Renganathan 23 June 2009

Resurrected green tourism.....good poem

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rago rago 23 June 2009

Recycle to every one begins..... certainly true ....... your depiction is so beautiful........ see my 10++

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Raj Arumugam 24 June 2009

the poem conveys this whole delight of life as depicted through the tree...Lovely...

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Marieta Maglas 24 June 2009

I like the comparison that you make between the human being and the tree. The seasons here are the years that mark the passage through life, until the time of death.well written poem..10++++

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Sarwar Chowdhury 02 July 2009

Fine symbolic expressions! 10+

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Sandhya S N 02 July 2009

Dear lovely written It is same to human life as well regards Sandhya

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Jaleel Perinjanam 01 July 2009

lovely.. symbolically you narrated it... everbody is behind the winner.. loser is always alone... Jaleel

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Indira Babbellapati 01 July 2009

facets of human nature symbolized through a tree...i've one on tree in my 'art og living' series...

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Ch J Satyananda Kumar 01 July 2009

Priyanka, An excellent poem from your pen. You have correctly used tree as a metaphor to symbolize a human being. Yes, when a person is useful all will flock near him/her. Once, he/she is out of resources/grace all will desert him/her. Again, when they find that (s) he is once again useful, they will again approach her/him. A tree not just gives shade, it also feeds the people with its fruit. A kind human being feeds and helps his fellow human beings from his bounty of wealth. A tree also gives fire wood. Like fire wood a human being also helps others to glow, by sacrifsing his needs. Any tree should serve these 3 purposes. A tree which does not serve these three purposes is useless, like the Acasia and Eucalyptus trees planted in social forestry by government departments. Very nice poem. I also thank you for visiting my Orkut profile. I also visited your profile in turn. God bless you.

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