Here I Am Poem by Priyanka Bhowmick

Here I Am

Rating: 5.0

I stand on your empty paths,
in times of distress and sorrow,
when life turned off his face from you,
to hold your bare hands,
Here I am.

When the koo of the cuckoo remains no more,
When songs of life are muted,
Where only shattered dreams seen all the way,
then to bring a smile on your face,
Here I am.

When dark clouds are surrounded all over,
and the light of the sun could be seen no more,
when the flow of the breeze stops caressing your hair,
to shower the light upon you,
Here I am.

When you are completely alone,
you watch the stars, seek me around,
you do not find my shoulders to cry upon,
still to wipe out your tears,
Here I am.

Indira Babbellapati 11 August 2009

so, here you are priyanka...long time no see!

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Ejaz Khan 11 August 2009

Welcome back, a good start with a lovely write!

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Nikunj Sharma 17 August 2009

if poems could win hearts, this one shall win many of them. Hats off to this I want you to read my two poems and rate them 1. Let her not sacrifice anymore (you have read its earlier version, read the new one and rate) 2. Magnets (this is in top 500 poems)

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Rakesh Bedi 11 August 2009

Welcome back, priyanka! You were conspicuous by your absence and a nice poem announcing your comeback; good luck!

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Sandra Martyres 11 August 2009

Good to see you back on PH Priyanka...very nice piece indeed

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Ramesh T A 11 August 2009

The mark of a true friend I see in your expression! Nice poem!

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Catrina Heart 11 August 2009

A starting show case of your talent my friend...great piece you have shared. Nice to see you once again here in PH! ! !

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