Broken Without "That Someone" Poem by Alexie Whitman

Broken Without "That Someone"

Rating: 5.0

I need that someone in my life

Who would be there for me through my toughest times

The time when everything feels so low

When nothing feels right from head to toe

God has granted everyone with that "Someone"

Who would always listen to their problems

And would shower them with love worth a ton

That someone who would never put you to the bottom

But I think I committed some sins in the past

And it's going to torture me while I last

Because I do not have "That Someone"

The one who would always love me

Who would talk me out of my gloomy moments

Everyone wants to be my friend to be the lime-light

But not one of them wants to know me

The people who actually made me happy are now out of sight

So I assume that everybody hates me

I always talk to myself and people think I am crazy

But they don't realize my loneliness

And all my happy moments have now become hazy

I just wish to have "That Someone" who would understand my dolefulness

Trust me it feels sick

To have a mournful life like this

I wonder when I will get my happy days

When my life would become cheerful in every way

This loneliness is what I hide behind my smile

And I wonder when "That Someone" will bring joy in my life!

Everybody needs someone with whom they can share their thoughts and feelings.

Monday, September 28, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: hatred,loneliness,sadness
Kevin Patrick 07 October 2020

An honest and truthful portrait of what it feels to feel alone. I can relate to this on many levels, people need people, but it's hard to find someone to connect. Sadness runs deep. A true heartfelt poem.

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