Alexie Whitman Poems

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Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

My life has become a mess without you
And nothing's gonna change it, no matter what I do
I think I really messed up somewhere
Because now you really don't seem to care

I Won't Be Controlled

I always did what I was told

Never made a move that was too bold

I Lie All Alone

The thoughts of you have succumbed me

And I wish you could just hug me and embrace me
I want to hear you say my name

The Secret To Happiness

What is the secret to happiness?
It is to be someone who is not hopeless
The secret is to seize the moment
To be someone who is tolerant


Saw your brown eyes and curly hair
That breath-taking look, I couldn't bare
That innocent look with a mind so tough
Fell for you cause you were a diamond in the rough

Surrounded By Fakeness

You laughed and stayed with me
You always made me feel carefree
You told me exactly what I wanted to hear
You made me believe you will take my care

Beyond Materialistic Life

Went on a long drive with my dad

Kept on begging him to buy me something Though I really didn't need anything Because things in abundance I already had I was really tired of my old phone
And wanted something about which I could

The Guy Who Changed Me

Few months ago I met someone

And he was sweeter than a caramel bun
But I was a mean and arrogant person

No More!

No more weeping, no more tears
I have already wasted enough of my good years
You think you broke me
But instead you made me stronger

Together Forever

In this book of my life

I wanna write the rest of the chapters with you

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