A Girl, Not A Curse Poem by Alexie Whitman

A Girl, Not A Curse

Rating: 5.0

They say- if you wanna be a good girl
You should be quiet
And that you should never ask "why? "
Cause if you do so you just won't fit in
You should never show your emotions
Because emotions are not a girl's proportion
All you have to do is sit still look pretty
They turned my life into a misery
Since the day I was born
I have been hearing that I am such a moron
And if only I was "The Man"
Then I'd be able to do everything I can
I have had enough of all this
I don't want to live a colorless life
I won't act like a "Robot" anymore
I know I can paint my life in a unique way
So it's time to break out of these chains
I will make my own rules
I am gonna scream until there's nothing left
Till my last breath
I have to make my presence felt
Cause there's no way that I'll be ignored, not anymore
The world better make some room
Cause I am coming through!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: discrimination,girl,women empowerment
Lyn Paul 26 October 2020

Enjoyed reading. We have to be who we are. Stand out. Be proud!

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