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My life has become a mess without you
And nothing's gonna change it, no matter what I do
I think I really messed up somewhere
Because now you really don't seem to care

I always did what I was told

Never made a move that was too bold

The thoughts of you have succumbed me

And I wish you could just hug me and embrace me
I want to hear you say my name

What is the secret to happiness?
It is to be someone who is not hopeless
The secret is to seize the moment
To be someone who is tolerant

Saw your brown eyes and curly hair
That breath-taking look, I couldn't bare
That innocent look with a mind so tough
Fell for you cause you were a diamond in the rough

You laughed and stayed with me
You always made me feel carefree
You told me exactly what I wanted to hear
You made me believe you will take my care

Went on a long drive with my dad

Kept on begging him to buy me something Though I really didn't need anything Because things in abundance I already had I was really tired of my old phone
And wanted something about which I could

Few months ago I met someone

And he was sweeter than a caramel bun
But I was a mean and arrogant person

No more weeping, no more tears
I have already wasted enough of my good years
You think you broke me
But instead you made me stronger

In this book of my life

I wanna write the rest of the chapters with you

With a fake smile pasted on my face
And yes this is my life's worst phase
Don't know if I can open up to anyone
So I chose to write it all down

This summer we met

But you trapped me in your love net
I wonder when I will get to be yours

Never ever insulted anyone
Always respected each and every single person
Gave the best advices to the one in need
And I always believed in doing good deeds

Everyone has their own little secret
Be it the trees, the grass or even the climate
But we never look close
Look close to all the mysteries hidden

The sun has set
Darkness has blanketed us
The wind is howling and with it the leaves rustle
Through the clouds the moon is peeping

I can't lose you dear,
You are my only true friend
Please don't make me shed any more tears
Cause I really don't want this friendship to end

Your presence gives me butterflies
And your filled with love beautiful eyes
You make me smile and laugh
You are my better half

I am completely fine without you
Waking up to no morning text from you
Haven't really though of you in days
'Not easy to forget your Love' they say

Sitting all bored and alone
All you need is a punch of hip-hop songs
Which makes you move every body part
Because Music is the beat of our heart

When I felt all the world's happiness
When I thought nothing could make me sad
The time when everything felt so right
The time when my life became a fairy tale

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Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

My life has become a mess without you
And nothing's gonna change it, no matter what I do
I think I really messed up somewhere
Because now you really don't seem to care
It feels as if we are on the other side of the globe
So I take my car and hit the road
Just to see you for one more time
And I still miss your voice sometimes
Now we're two different strangers
Standing far away from each other
And as our eyes meet
We turn our backs and walk away
Even though we're no more
I could still walk with you to the core
I know you miss me too
Then why are you acting so cruel
The entire thing happened so fast
That I really don't know if our memories are gonna last
So some nights I go back to our memories
Because it had always been an amazing story
Sometimes I miss you when I'm all alone
And I think that you really have moved on
Though you never were very kind
I still can't get you out of my mind

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