Cry Of The Dolphin. Poem by guy lipmore

Cry Of The Dolphin.

Rating: 4.8

Born into tradition,
generation gone by.
Mind of condition,
about to defy.

Years of skill,
honed in his mind.
Always ready for the kill,
the ‘hunt' is not hard to find.

Herd them into an inlet,
for the death spree.
Set them up for target,
to turn the water a blood red sea.
Spears raised for the deed,
repeated strikes to make them die,
No chance for the gentle breed,
slaughter, they still smile, silencing their talking cry.

He sees their blood as they bleed,
feeling the hurt in their eyes.
Guilty of the profit and greed,
Conscious of their death sighs.

Changed his view,
against all he previously thought.
Knew what he had to do,
change for the better had to be fought.
Animal rights,
For so long he was against.
Now for their cause, he fights,
conservation signs he now paints.
All the best for the Japanese guy,
and his different future.
Only to protect, not make them die,
total love for the beautiful creature.


Watched a harrowing documentry regards to the fishing of Dolphins.
George Krokos 23 December 2020

I've just read this poem and it really resonated with me. I am at a loss to know how anyone could kill, as you have described and for those reasons, such a beautiful and intelligent creature.

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Samantha Belsey 23 April 2015

powerful message, i really enjoyed some of the imagery.

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Brian Jani 09 June 2014

Powerful poem indeed

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Ray Quesada 09 January 2013

the way you wrote this was straight-forward, not over-complicated with too much fancy poetic techniques, yet you still used perfect amount of poetic communication to convey this timeless message. Thank you for sharing this! ! I give the poem and objective 8, and a subjective 11 on the 1-10 scale! !

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Emily Oldham 14 July 2012

Poignant and powerful, brutal truth. Love it.

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