Brutality At Tahrir…….1712-2k11 Poem by saadat tahir

Brutality At Tahrir…….1712-2k11

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(zulm alel maidaan tahrir)

Do they think we have died?
And don't know who has lied?

They almost killed the fallen one.
They soon will know, when it's done.

Dragged the girls by their vests.
To expose body and bare breasts.

Cared not for the nakedness of our girls.
And the one with the gun bullets hurls.

Hit at their heads with feral blows,
in Egyptian's hearts the blood glows.

They ganged and teemed to simply kill.
Wrench from Cairo's crowds their iron will.

Like animals jumped, trod and stepped.
In those flashes in them the devil crept.

Pegged down tents like olden times.
On the sick and injured committed crimes.

You Tantawi! will never succeed.
At the hands of revolutionaries, bleed.

Like Ghadafi you too will dearly pay.
By end like an injured animus bray.

saadat tahir
17 Dec,2k11

Inspired by a well seen video of the shameful occasion.
http: //

Wahab Abdul 18 December 2011

this is very nice and con temporary poem

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Indira Babbellapati 02 January 2012

i can visualize the video...

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Nancy ilamwenya 30 December 2011

Captivating, emotive, rhythmic...

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Sajna Kailas 20 December 2011

wow, while reading this I felt a discomfort for taking breath! ! ! ! scenes from a war field is horrible to imagine! ! ! ! ! ! this is a great poem! ! ! great experience for me! really well penned. keep it up! ! ! ! SAJNA

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Wahab Abdul 18 December 2011

you are a senior poet sir your comment is very important

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Wahab Abdul 18 December 2011

wuld you like to read mine 'the palm fibre

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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