I Know That I Love You…2409 Poem by saadat tahir

I Know That I Love You…2409

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I know that I love you, my dear, yes!
Oh you name! …Lord thee bless!

works with the infirm, comes home late,
A role she plays, ordained by fate.
Study the tomes, all night long.
So can cut through, many a thong.
Pops a pill, to sack it late,
across the bed, a pile of hate.

Few snatched moments, on the line.
Scarcely if ever; a quaff of wine.
Long now forgotten, is out to dine,
weekends trudge, stringing laundry line.
Oh! Loved the firs and rustling pines
Cutting through wrists are daunting twines

I know that I love you, my dear, yes!
Oh you name! …Lord thee bless!

In a far off land only a name resides.
Hardly if ever the time coincides.
But a hope is kindled and kept alive.
A direction and path along which to strive.
Mops up home that's really not hers.
Nor was she ever gifted any furs.

A sweet simple girl, inside resides.
Needs an arm to hold and hide.
Who'll softly touch in a caring squeeze.
Who'll walk her along on the beech.
Look deep in her eyes and say not a bit.
Make her smile by his beam and wit.

I know that I love you, my dear, yes!
Oh you name! …Lord thee bless!

(Sept 24,2009)

Zion Anisius 16 January 2017

This is a very beautiful poem i really enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you

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Saadat Tahir 16 January 2017

thanx zion....nice words..

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Kseniya (Xeny) Rundel 24 April 2011

A very positive poem with good energy. It impressed me so that I translated for you our famous poet Sergey Esenin ... I Hope I have succeeded

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Wang Qian 04 June 2011

Very beautifully and soulfully written, great poem~!

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Meena Mustafa 29 June 2012

Wow! what a beautiful poem.

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Bri Edwards 26 March 2018

i don't care much (usually) for love poems, but this is a fine one. some of the English perhaps could 'use some tweaking'. beech is a tree. you want beach. ha ha! maybe it was just a typo. i really enjoyed the rhyming. good one. bri :)

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 13 June 2017

lovely poetry so many comments softly touches all hearts none can lament coming from a doc's pen You may edit All first letters need not be in caps see this and u may also read my MOM SMILES poetry u may like it lovely poet tree r thee

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Daniel Brick 13 March 2017

You touched a nerve and a need so deeply that a wide array of readers - including myself - found this to be a wonderful love poem. I like two things especially: the tenderness of the language which maintains a hushed respect for the beloved, never breaking thr romantic mood, and second, that you treat this prospective partner as an individual with the integrity of her personhood. It's the peropwe base for love to flourish. (Mine is comment 35! !)

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Jasbir Chatterjee 27 February 2017

it's a nice poem with gushing emotions. But The concept of a 'simple girl who needs a protective arm, soft touch, and silent understanding' must change. All over the world, it is now widely understood that if you keep the women subjugated, the whole sociery remains crippled.

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Rameeza Nasim 06 February 2017

Nice sweet love poem :)

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