saadat tahir

Gold Star - 4,807 Points (21011965 / Islamabad-Pakistan)

saadat tahir Poems

1. Spring On Crutches.....Ravages Of War 4/7/2009
2. O…… Will You Justice! 4/7/2009
3. Mother Ma’land 4/7/2009
4. Tally Ho…! (Senseless War..Pakistan Specific) 4/7/2009
5. Shadow Of Swat 4/7/2009
6. You Are My Life........(I Must Have Her-Am Incomplete) 4/8/2009
7. Is Love Pretense......(Lover's Naiveté) 4/9/2009
8. Don'T Leave Now.....Placid Persuasion 4/10/2009
9. Bygone Days 4/11/2009
10. Raucous Rhyme 4/15/2009
11. Seize The Moment 4/15/2009
12. Big Wig Pub...Chaotic Funny Rub 4/15/2009
13. Eternal Throne....One And Only 4/15/2009
14. Nor Reasons Rhyme 4/17/2009
15. Eons Of An Expatriate 4/17/2009
16. First Love...One And Only 4/20/2009
17. Now To Where? 4/21/2009
18. The Legacy Of A Martyr 4/12/2009
19. Brit-Am Veteran Woes ……a Soliloquy From Af-Pak 4/13/2009
20. Eid-Die........ (Eid Day…muslim Festival) 4/14/2009
21. Date With A Dime.....Everyday Life 4/23/2009
22. Unspoken Words And Empty Gaze 4/23/2009
23. The Kings And I.....The Hacker's Nirvana 4/24/2009
24. Taste Of Victory 4/25/2009
25. Victory Or Kargil? 4/30/2009
26. Duty Beckons......Frequent Military Takeovers 4/30/2009
27. Ooh! She Digs.......Delilah’s Dalliance 5/1/2009
28. Trust 5/1/2009
29. Vixen's Lair 5/2/2009
30. Shimmering Light.......The Reason We Be 5/2/2009
31. Tramp Or Man.....The Wandering Homeless 5/2/2009
32. He Is All Seeing.....(The Almighty) 5/5/2009
33. A Walk With Maid Merriam.....Merry With The Merry Band 4/27/2009
34. Hawker’s Shrew.....Oh! That England Of Lore 4/28/2009
35. A Date With Mem-Sahib...History With Chemistry 4/28/2009
36. Magic Touch....Adult Not Lurid 4/29/2009
37. Small Silent Prayer 4/30/2009
38. I Miss You So......(Lover's Lilt) 5/6/2009
39. Piranhas Feed.....(Media Feret) 5/7/2009
40. Moon Struck 5/7/2009
Best Poem of saadat tahir

A Life Went Wrong.......The Denial Of Life

On Hepatitis Day..approaching!

There he is, a very sick man.
Taut his face and a darkish tan.
Life for him, now a staple ban.
left not a friend nor a fan.

Wonder how others see him out.
Doubles he up in a coughing bout.
Think some, he's a filthy lout.
Punks skip by, give him a shout.

Cool and dig on the party scene.
Blonds and brunettes vied to lean.
Now he is ever hardly seen.
An no one else is either keen.

Seldom up an down the street.
Then, too often, he feels the heat.
Barely walks an drags his feet.
Eschewed even by a cop ...

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Shadow Of Swat

swat is the restive heavenly valley tucked in northern pakistan where acrid smell of gunpowder mingles with the sweet scent of conifers and aroma of truffles.

My valley once echoed with avian songs;
Now here, are committed dreadful wrongs.
Life itself is trussed with thongs
How for freedom, everyone longs!
Thuds and booms make me shudder.
Gone is the taste of cheese and udder,
or soothing hum of the millers wheels,

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