A Life Went Wrong.......The Denial Of Life Poem by saadat tahir

A Life Went Wrong.......The Denial Of Life

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On Hepatitis Day..approaching!

There he is, a very sick man.
Taut his face and a darkish tan.
Life for him, now a staple ban.
left not a friend nor a fan.

Wonder how others see him out.
Doubles he up in a coughing bout.
Think some, he's a filthy lout.
Punks skip by, give him a shout.

Cool and dig on the party scene.
Blonds and brunettes vied to lean.
Now he is ever hardly seen.
An no one else is either keen.

Seldom up an down the street.
Then, too often, he feels the heat.
Barely walks an drags his feet.
Eschewed even by a cop on beat.

Cringes he often clasps his hands.
Hair now thinned to wiry strands.
Stands he far at mounting stands.
Lonely soul from unknown lands.

Frail an done, lost and Gaunt.
Life's now just a slippery Slant.
No more welcome at his haunt.
He has no need and no want.

Life for him is a steady bad day.
Those he knew, turn, shy away.
Pitiable man that has no sway.
Caught up nature an yelled a stay!

Who'll pick up his dejected life?
Who's got the time for this rife?
A broken soul an body in strife.
Brooding days an toying a knife.

(May 14,2009)

Kanav Justa 07 November 2013

... beautifully expressed... loved the way you wrote it and also the way you used the simili..

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Lady Darjeeling 21 August 2014

thx for this truly absorbing poem. It's sad, but still - theres always someone who can see when another is suffering (be it physically or psychologically) ... which gives me hope.

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Sonali Ganguly 28 May 2016

very well written verse

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Shirley Hanley 26 December 2010

Saadat... I was deeply touched on a personal level by your poem as I come nearer to the end of this life... ~ Shirley

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Sachidananda Panda 04 July 2019

A broken soul an body in strife. Brooding days an toying a knife a nice way to sum up the theme of the poem.. liked it.

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Narayanan Kutty Pozhath 23 April 2018

It is a dog's life. Once you get into it, you are finished.

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Diane Montemayor 03 September 2017

Dear Doc Saadat, They are not just physically ill, but also they are emotionally in pain..So sad.. This truly happens....a very touching write.. Thank you for sharing the story of the poem with us. Sincerely, diane

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Saadat Tahir 03 September 2017

Thanx Dianne... kind words... :)

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Tom Allport 28 June 2017

a very sad poem of an illness that is for life? .............well written.

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Lina Katsorchi 09 May 2017

Although the rhythm almost seems playful, the meaning is profound and sad. A nicely written poem, easy to read and yet touching.

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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