But I Could Still Love Poem by Nikhil Parekh

But I Could Still Love

I might be living on bare chunks of threadbare soil; with hardly a roof to cover my dilapidated scalp,
But I could still perceive infinite kilometers above the sky; to the most unprecedented limits of mesmerizing imagination; in my dreams.

I might be adorned in abysmally tottered clothes; with obnoxious streaks of dirt and disease creeping with sinister effusiveness from my skin,
But I could still relentlessly fantasize about the most innocuously ingratiating complexion on this Universe; drown myself perpetually in a paradise of surreally enchanting silk; in my dreams.

I might be incomprehensibly diminutive in stature; being ridicules beyond boundaries of sagacious control by every individual transgressing on the streets,
But I could still dance indefatigably with the angels in the sky; basking with them inexorably under satiny rays of the Sun; in my dreams.

I might be horrendously blind; with cloud covers of ghastly darkness engulfing me from all sides; even in the most ferocious of sunlight,
But I could still glimpse the most enchanting of angels; incessantly witness the most profoundly Omnipotent light which my sighted counterparts could never even imagine; in my dreams.

I might be inexplicably unfortunate not to get my share of luck in this world; staggering umpteenth number of times as the ruthless society brutally kicked me,
But I could still philander in gay abandon through the interiors of the unfathomably grandiloquent castle; explore the most spell binding places on this planet; in my dreams.

I might be wholesomely lonely; with people preferring the most inconspicuous of job; to my abhorrently repulsive facial contours,
But I could still talk till times immemorial with the entity I desired; incarcerate even the most alien in the swirl of my untamed passion; in my dreams.

I might be an unsurpassably ancient fossil; lying buried for centuries unprecedented beneath layers of obsolete sand,
But I could still gyrate with the most overwhelmingly contemporary form of life; be a part of profusely fascinating and pragmatic present; in my dreams.

I might be an infinitesimally humble personality; withering away worse than a broken leaf at the tiniest draught of gloomy breeze,
But I could still win over the heart of every single organism in this world; impregnate my irrefutably truthful impression in their eyes for decades unlimited; in my dreams.
And I might be deprive of the love that I had taken birth for on this most wonderful earth of God; being insidiously betrayed by the girl whom I could give my life for,

But I could still love her; not only for this life; but for countless more births even after my death; ebulliently blossom and romance with her in the aisles of insatiable desire; in my dreams.

Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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