Butterflies And Vultures(Types Of People) Poem by Daniel Hooks

Butterflies And Vultures(Types Of People)

Rating: 5.0

Vultures pick at the bones of broken homes
Butterflies fly but have no where to roam.
The sky is broken dark and bleak
Butterflies don't live in the real world they are weak.
Most people pick at the bones of people killed by sticks and stones and hurtful words alone.
In this life the butterflies have their wings broken
After just a few days of flight
Vultures live in the real world and they fight
It's a sad fact
They survive and thrive
Causing trouble and stepping on butterflies with broken wings.

But I am butterfly
I guess I will die in tragedy
With my wings broken
But I think it's better to live one day as a butterfly
Than an ugly walk on people vulture!

Friday, May 26, 2006
Topic(s) of this poem: butterflies,fragility
Ronald Stroman 26 May 2006

i'd rather be the blind man's run-a-way dog... than the blind man, if all he knows how to do, is treat people wrong. nice read.

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7he N0153 4nd 7he Fur9 15 January 2010

We don't live in a perfect world, where the good folk are stronger, than the evil. An excellent un-naive observation on life. And an great quirky platform of vultures and butterflies! ! ! I like it 10++

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Christine Kerr 26 April 2009

Great expression and composition of the soft and hard cores of life, Thankfully their not the only ones that travel the earth.

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Melvina Germain 22 April 2007

Butterflies and Vultures, what a unique piece of artistry here. I think I agree with Francesca, I too would rather be the sparrow which most good people are. The butterfly hmmm far too weak and the Vulture aaark far too wicked. The sparrow is your normal everyday person, knows when it's time to be soft and wise enough to know when it's time to put ones foot down. Excellent poem though Daniel, makes one think. A big (10) from me, Thankyou Daniel--Melivna---

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BEAU GOLDEN 19 June 2006

Butterflies and Vultures is great, well worded artistry. Tis better to live one day as a butterfly!

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Francesca Johnson 26 May 2006

Wouldn't like to be the vulture, its not in my nature, nor the poor butterfly with its broken wings and short life. I'll be a sparrow then, Daniel, its somewhere in between. Love, Fran xx

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