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Cars on a road.

Each of us
hugging the pavement
Afraid to let go.

by ipods and coffee cups
lipstick, and razors.

like little bog flys,
moving one by one bye one bye one

Territorial routes
Speed up, speed down,
Ignoring the signs
Meant for direction.

Cars on a road.

Each hour
Rushing to some new destination.
Tailing each other
In army formations,

Faster, slower, break, and stop.

Like little tin soldiers
Serving a cause
While missing the purpose.

Cars on a road.
Day in day out.
Over and over
And over and over
And over and over..

Until its

I prefer
To go off roading.

Copyright (c) David DeSantis

R H 17 April 2008

Yeah, do something different, break away from the crowd, dare to stand out, get away and 'let go'...very well composed - great sentiment in this poem j.

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LOVEFOOL Aka 15 April 2008

Real nice work, find your own way in life rather than following the expected routes I like this concept and I enjoyed this poem thanks Nik

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Original Unknown Girl 15 April 2008

It's an interesting piece, though cars do have their place. Without mine I wouldn't be able to function! I do get your point, however! HG: -) xx

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Michael Campbell 15 April 2008

love the poem. the distractions part specifically. otherwise you're just wasting gas! haha just kidding. as much as i dislike the car the poem evens out my feelings. it was a good read though. thanks bud.

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Triin Kann 14 April 2008

I'm just wondering how do you do that...

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