A Cynical Nature Poem by David DeSantis

A Cynical Nature

Rating: 4.6

The sun smiles,
forcefully examining the bitterness of the leaves
that have become
crushed under the weight
of the eve’s rainfall.

I look on,
curiously wondering
why the sun seems to give light,
to even the most shattering
displays of nature’s fury.

I am broken, I think.
The sun has never fixed me.

Outside the drops of rain evaporate steadily.
Dew, which once subsided in even the most porous
of surfaces
has all but disappeared,
confronted instead
by a warmth as steady
as the sun is iridescent.

You are an observer, I say.
Callous, cold, and unfeeling.

On the ground two squirrels fight playfully.
An acorn has fallen between the two,
and with quizzical wonderment
I watch as a
stalled fury erupts
into a courtship like dance
of dominator

Atleast they have each other, I muse.
Who do you have?

The last remnants of darkness have lifted
and the birds respond with a steady hum.
In their song I hear them say,
serenity, serenity:
this is the world.

I turn my head,
And dropp my gaze

Serenity, serenity,
Is not the world’s way.

The sun rises fully,

I sit on the ground.

Copyright (c) David DeSantis

Greenwolfe 1962 06 May 2008

This is a philosophical writing that is actually quite easy to translate. Unlike most writings of this kind. I really appreciate this as a reader. The philosophy also poses a great question that can occupy the mind all evening. I think this is a positive contribution to both the art of writing and philosophy as well. Greenwolfe 1962

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Riquetta Elliott 12 May 2008

This is such a wonderful poem David awesome work. Keep it up.

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 12 May 2008

Hello David. Loved this poem, you put a lot of thought into this one. Good read! LC Taylor

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Janice Windle 10 May 2008

I can understand why this is one of your own favourites, David. You have invested a lot of meditation and awareness to pin down the moment you describe, the train of thought you follow, the images and connections you've formed from a set of small observantions. Small is usually beautiful - your microscopic observation of the warm crushed leaves and the evaporating dewdrops, the temporary aggression between the squirrels (and I love your aside, 'At least they have each other / who do you have? ') Another mature and thoughtful piece of work.

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Bill Thomas 08 May 2008

Wow, David, a lot of depth & colour here that makes this exceptional. Thank you.

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Surash Kumar EK 25 August 2020

scerenity, serenity it is not the worlds way. cynical reflection

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priyanka 01 September 2018

i loved the poem. it was brillant.

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Poem man 11 January 2018

Wow. This poem is highly descriptive. Love it

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 03 October 2008

that was a lotta detailing...and coupled to dat bful usage of words... :)

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Estrella Baldemosa 29 May 2008

This is brilliant! i have to read more of your poems.

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