Isolation At Sunrise Poem by David DeSantis

Isolation At Sunrise

Rating: 3.1

I awake,
Dreams burdened with your eyes.

A recollection of temperance
From a soul as empty
as the spirits in a glass.

My mind remains heavily weighted,
with unfair remnants
of celestial lies.


"He would have been a boy",
She said…

I sometimes wish
I was a glass.
It's easier to break without a soul.

Copyright (C) David DeSantis

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: loss,sad
Jurietta Duraan 15 April 2008

Aahh! stunning poem! .... in its simplicity it kicks you in the stomach, resonates in the heart....10/10

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Lynda Robson 17 April 2008

A very poignant poem David, it says a lot and is simple but stunning as Yuri says, Well penned, Lynda xx

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L M 19 April 2008

Excuse me if I got this wrong, but is this in reference to a deceased child of your (one never born?) This is a painful poem, and you coveyed emotion quite well in it's unique and supple lines. I greatly enjoyed the glass metaphor.

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Laoibhse Ni Canain 22 April 2008

This is a painfully beautiful piece. I love the last stanza, it resonates with me. Just as haunting as the sound that glass would make were I to run my fingers around the rim.

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Flora Gillingham 22 April 2008

You always manage to convey depth with such a light touch, David. Wonderfully weighted phrasing. Really good poem. F

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Ben Gieske 31 January 2009

Masterly done. I really like the following: Dreams burdened with your eyes, a soul as empty as the spirits in a glass, and unfair remnants of celestial lies. You used common images but not in a trite way.

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Elizabeth Sheaffer 28 January 2009

This is simply amazing. Stunning piece you have here. Awe-inspiring. Five thumbs up and two stars.

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Chitra - 19 November 2008

I sometimes wish I was a glass. It’s easier to break without a soul these lines are a masterpiece...

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Raynette Eitel 13 July 2008

This is an amazing poem 'From a soul as empty as the spirits in a glass' then followed by 'I sometimes wish I was a glass...' Nice work. But shouldnt it be I wish I WERE a glass? Your images are honed in, not overdone and you have caught the feeling in just a few words, as every poet should do. Raynette

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Delilah Miller 10 July 2008

Strange how an empty glass of alochol can make things so much heavier. It was frustrated and deep blue. Keep writing, Delilah

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