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Lawrence S. Pertillar

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By Any Other Name

A known betrayal done,
By any other name...
Is a 'betrayal' done just the same.
It is an act to blatantly deceive.
With premeditation planned,
To keep quietly hushed and kept discreet.

Anyone who betrays,
Deserves exactly what they receive.
Whether a remorse filled with guilt.
Or a disgrace shown and given,
From those who feel embittered...
By what to them has taken place.

Expecting empathy and forgiveness,
With a weeping pleading to a loved one...
To understand what they have done.
Are examples of those with minds corrupt.
And like weeds popping up...
Across all lands.

This sickness committed to admit a selfishness...
Few will come to recognize as a tremendous ego trip!
With an overwhelming narcissistic self centered thoughtlessness.
Feelings of an entitlement wished,
That no one else like them can demand.

And those in positions of leadership,
Are not exempt from this.
They are the main ones who feel this way.
With a doing done as they please.
And a caring less,
Who is hurt and offended by their treachery.

No matter how it is addressed to impress...
Those who may be sympathetic,
To the ones like this,
Anyone who lies to their closest allies...
And dress impeccably with the utmost of etiquette.
Filth and misdeeds are thoughts these people have,
And will not from them leave.
Since they are the beholders of what is perceived,
To be the focal point in their own awe inspiring parade.

'Did you hear...? '

~No I didn't and I don't have a need to listen.
I have only to observe.
I am already affiliated with reality.~

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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