By Your Light You Are Known Poem by Anita Atina

By Your Light You Are Known

Rating: 5.0

Your true raiment most refined

Is not made of silk or satin or lace

But the colours of your heart

That the finest clothes can’t disguise

The many colours of your aura

Invisible clothes that truly reflect

Who you are and how far

You have journeyed within

For the soul doesn’t lie and the body can’t cage

The colours it was painted with

Shifting form and intensity

With the seasons you’re in

Vibrating quietly to the universe

The body’s temple song

High and low, soulfully ululating

The light by which we are known.

Kyle Shield Laster 15 July 2008

i like to think i've a bright white light. this is a great piece. you've good stuff.

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Stone Granite 19 June 2008

...and when the auras of two true colorful souls intermingle, the subsequent kaleidoscope of brilliance is unmatched and the sparks it creates blinding. 10!

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Erhard Hans Josef Lang 17 June 2008

Indeed a very wonderful piece, truly enjoyable! !

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Michael Fischer 11 June 2008

Great piece...truly enjoyed it. Top marks! -Michael

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Harish K. Thakur 10 June 2008

Anita you can touch so high/spiritual landscape so freely, its startling...good poem...

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