Josh Burnett

Rookie (Feburary 12 1987 / Germany)

Chains - Poem by Josh Burnett

These chains bound my wrists and legs and I cannot move.
Not a single inch. My heart is locked away waiting for the key.
It seems that my mind is the only thing that can be free,
But even then I begin to choke on thoughts and I can't breathe.
I try to tear the bonds that bound me but there is no use.
They are lock tight around my ankles and knees.
I look up but there is no light for me to see.

The thoughts run through my head but they are taken away.
I try to hold the ones that aren't and hold them dear to me.
The coals are thrown in and the fire begins to feed.
I try to sleep and just when I start to dream I am violently shaken awake.
The promises that I begin to hear begin to fade.
Day in day out I lie there and begin to think it's too late.

I cannot fight these monsters that linger in my mind.
They are destroying everything in my sight.
I don't know if I will last throughout the night.
The thoughts are driving me crazy in this life.
I clench my fist around the bars and hold on tight.
I begin to scream out in a frenzied fight.
But I don't know if I have the might.
I look up into the darkened sky and see a stream of light.
I look around me and for once my heart feels something right.

The monsters in mind mind seem to be screaming out in anguished pain,
But I hold my grip on those cold bars and scream louder than they.
I can feel them trying to grip anything the can trying to stay,
But I don't relent and scream as loud as I can to go away.
I can feel them quieting down as they begin to fade.
I can feel a lasting impression of hope flooding through my veins.

The fire begins to die down turning into ash.
My thoughts lay there motionless charred black.
Rain begins to pour cooling down the stack.
I can hear silent whispers begin to echoe behind my back.
The thoughts are starting to run though my head getting on track.

My arms and legs start to feel lighter.
As I start to become the true fighter.
My mind is the fuel and my heart is the igniter.
My eyes begin to burn with fire.
Breaking the bonds becomes my ultimate desire,
And my spirit starts to soar higher and higher.

Restless I begin to fight the thoughts of doubt.
Tears begin to flow down my cheek and I shout.
The thoughs scream at me ever so loud,
But I stand up and realize I didn't fall down.

My fears start to begin to disappear.
My eyes wide open it becomes ever so cloear.
The light begins to come ever so near.

I begin to pull apart those chains.
It begins to pour down rain.
Lost and alone I still remain,
But I'm starting to break away.

I hear the jiggle of the chains as they fall from my arms.
I can hear the rushing beat of my heart.
I bend down a pull the chains around my ankles apart.
I chuck both sets of chains so far.

The daylight cracks through the dark empty clouds.
I look up into the sky and see the sun shining so proud.
The thunder rolls in the distance but not so loud.
I stand still not moving not making a sound.

Everything seems at one and at peace.
I finally broke those heavy burdens from around me.
I'm done with the pain of heaviness and it will never be.
I hear the echoes all around me.
As I scream I'm finally free.

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