Chaos Of My Problems Poem by Miss Grace

Chaos Of My Problems

Rating: 5.0

locked in a dark room
I witnessed my own doom
Tortured by my own thought
I am feeling guilty a lot
Happiness never even existed
All the people I want dead
I am under the weight of my own sin
Emotion in bottle and t i n
I am so Sorry for being born
My whole life has been t o r n
I am dancing on the ashes of me
I Have forgotten who I used to be
My soul has now disappeared
My problem was never h e a r d
The night does not come to an end
Each morning is another fiend
Dead ambition dead dream
Entering hell was my own choice
Still no one can hear my voice
Starry night is so pretty
Tolerating you is my duty
Drowning in the sea of tears
I ran away from my fears
Jumping off the Cliff on my will
Took a long time to climb the hill
Spinning without reason endlessly
I killed myself fearlessly
Can't say what I feel
wounds still did not h e a l
Castle live in broken re a l m s
Welcome to the chaos of m y problems

Nabakishore Dash 02 August 2022

Heart rending sorrowful poem.

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Richard Wlodarski 01 August 2022

A sincerely heartfelt and gut wrenching poem. Such brutal honesty! I too am WITH you, Miss Grace! Take care!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 31 July 2022

Miss Grace i am WITH you Bravo Keep the faith

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Miss Grace 31 July 2022

Thank you that means a lot

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